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Trailhead Physical Therapy

A Mobile Concierge Service 


Who We Are

Trailhead Physical Therapy is a Mobile Concierge PT business that offers one-on-one private sessions with a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy, Gillian Berrian.  


​Gillian created Trailhead Physical Therapy to provide a unique, personalized treatment 

model to bring high quality care to

people in their most comfortable environment.

Push Ups

Wellness Services

Trailhead Physical Therapy also offers wellness and personal training visits to help you maintain your active lifestyle even if you are not injured.  


A healthy body can also benefit from Physical Therapy and Wellness.  In fact, identifying poor movement patterns early can help reduce risk of injury and provide you with strategies to stay strong and healthy.


Physical Therapy

Your visit starts with a comprehensive assessment which forms an integral part of our approach to treating the whole body. You will have a chance to tell your story to ensure you get the treatment and care you need.

Together we will develop an individualized treatment plan. Our collective plan will include effective therapeutic strategies to reduce pain and address your goals of resuming and enjoying your active lifestyle.

Helping you live your best life in Jackson Hole

We choose to live in beautiful Jackson Hole for a variety of reasons.
Many of us are drawn to the wild landscapes and endless recreational opportunities.  Injuries and pain can impact our happiness and health and ability to enjoy our amazing surroundings.  Trailhead Physical Therapy is here to help you live your best life and get back on your trail, wherever that may lead.

What makes Trailhead Physical Therapy different?


Trailhead PT operates as a Mobile Concierge business. This model gives Gillian the freedom to treat people where they are most comfortable.  Gillian is available to perform customized skilled Physical Therapy in your natural environment, (home, office, gym, outside), it is totally up to you.  If you want the expertise of a Physical Therapist, but would prefer to have sessions on your time, and in your home or work, then Trailhead Physical Therapy is perfect for you!


Trailhead Physical Therapy offers cash-based services. We do not work with insurance, however your health plan may allow for reimbursement.  By operating within this business model, Trailhead PT is free to treat the whole body in the most effective way, vs being limited by rules and requirements mandated by insurance companies.  It is our belief that this model is the optimum approach in providing high quality, efficient care.

Our ultimate goal is to "get you better faster" so you can live your best life

Photo by Peter Lobozzo

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